Rooteu is an online store for women's fast fashion, we provide space, light and love for the vibrant creative spirits of emerging and old. Provide Down jackets and warm winter coats, half sleeved linen tops and cotton blouses, sweaters, Women Pants and other excellent products for everyone to choose from.

Rooteu is for the free-spirited who see clothing as a form of self-expression. We are passionate about crafts and traditions from around the world.

The creations brought by Rooteu can appeal to the intellectual sensibility of the contemporary people. It has a simple perspective, relaxed and unpretentious. The strength of the brand lies in its ability to be minimalist and keep the contemporary context alive. It is for women who believe that less is more and that simplicity is the key to maximum dressing sense.

Our construction method combines modern techniques with traditional shirt-making methods. Using computer-generated patterns, robotic fabric cutters and technologically advanced machines, we are fast and reliable, and our products are carefully hand-sewn by experienced tailors. We have an efficient technical team and a professional quality assurance team with the highest standards to carry out detailed quality checks on fabrics, trims, pre- and post-production.